Hello world!

Dear friends,

It has been 6 years since I first walked into West Side Institutional Synagogue. From that moment, my family and I have enjoyed your wonderful support, commitment, and appreciation. We must say that we never expected this journey to turn out so amazing. But life proved that dreams become reality when you put your heart and mind into something and really push the limits.

Therefore we would like to thank everyone who has become a member at WSIS, or followed our classes, prayed with us, or enjoyed Kiddush with us. You are the major success factor behind these wonderful 6 years. We thank you for that!

As many of you know, sadly this is my last year at WSIS. I sat down and tried to think of a way to commemorate it in a manner that will involve everyone: You (the congregants), Us (WSIS), and everyone else who wants to be part of the celebration. How can we give back something to those who allowed us to share Torah for these meaningful years?

Therefore, I think that it’s time to let you be an active part of what I enjoy so much: creating sermons. And this is why I want to create a sermon with you!

I will be accepting your ideas for divrei torah, opening jokes, moving stories, content, style, etc. After you submit your suggestions (at their appropriate dates), people from all over the world will get to vote on their favorites. After the votes are cast, I will take the best and put them together in a organized and powerful sermon that I will deliver in WSIS on a specific Shabbos (soon to be determined). My friends, this has never been done before.


Enjoy the ride,
Shlomo Einhorn


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  2. It’s a great idea, rabbi. (I saw you on Twitter, somehow, social networking is weird). The best ones have the little stories in them, like the one about the kollelnik, who doesn’t make it to minyan. The R”K confronts him, says, “Nu, Yankel, you’re not making it to Shachrit anymore. What’s up?” Yankel tells him that there’s this woman in his building with four little kids, and she can’t get them off to school on time, and they are dawdling and crying and need lunches, and she’s overwhelmed, so he helps her.

    “OMG,” shouts the R”Y (or something like that). “Who is this woman? We’ll try to help!”

    “This woman, the young man replies,” is my wife.

    Gut vach, Rabbi. I’ll follow your blog.

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