Our first joke

So we officially have our first joke: thank you to therapydoc

It’s a great idea, rabbi. (I saw you on Twitter, somehow, social networking is weird). The best ones have the little stories in them, like the one about the kollelnik, who doesn’t make it to minyan. The R”K confronts him, says, “Nu, Yankel, you’re not making it to Shachrit anymore. What’s up?” Yankel tells him that there’s this woman in his building with four little kids, and she can’t get them off to school on time, and they are dawdling and crying and need lunches, and she’s overwhelmed, so he helps her.

“OMG,” shouts the R”Y (or something like that). “Who is this woman? We’ll try to help!”

“This woman, the young man replies,” is my wife.

Gut vach, Rabbi. I’ll follow your blog.


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