Hi there: here is a great post from Evan –
Great idea Rabbi!  The website looks great!
Here are two quick ideas that are always on my mind, and may make for a good sermon:
1) “Sameach B’chelko” (be satisfied with what you have): Much easier said than done, especially for one with ambition and desires for both spiritual and professional growth.  It’s quite common in our Jewish communities to look around at what others have and try to compete.  The “Keeping up with the Joneses” mentality is pervasive in the Jewish world and its communities, and is quite difficult to rid.  Many over-extend themselves trying to impress others, instead of living within their means and being satisfied, as Tradition teaches.  This is one of the fundamental tenets I try to live by, but it is much easier said than done.
2) Value of a Jewish Education: Is a Jewish day school education worth $25 k a year? (this is more of a major Jewish issue, not sure its well suited for a sermon, but i know many in the congregation are incredibly concerned about this issue, to the point where some people are pushing back having children, or planning on having fewer children than they would otherwise desire).
Sorry for the stream if consciousness.  Hope it helps!
Good luck with the project!


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