Opening Joke

The Talmud calls this Mili D’Bidichusa. Sometimes the best way to open people’s minds is to help them relax with a great joke. The essence of a joke is the cataclysmic result when the unexpected occurs. At the end of the day, that too is the formula for a good sermon. Send us your best joke – a clean one please. Let’s get this blog laughing.


  1. Hi Rabbi Einhorn,

    So as the high holy days approach, an idea is by a modern orthodox Rabbi to have a joint program of orthodox, conservative and reform congregants. The 3 Rabbis are discussing the plan and each has a certain need to fulfill in order to accommodate the ” wealthy constituents” of each sect. So the orthodox rabbis says” Well, if we could just have a small room in the basement for some of my congregants cause a few may need to secretly eat something”!! The Conservative rabbi follows and says ” Well, i too have a similar request- I have a handful of heavy hitters who sneak out and have a cigarette”!! So they now look to the reform Rabbi who says” Well, its pretty easy for me, I just need to place a sign outside of the shul that says- ” CLOSED FOR THE HIGH HOLY DAYS” !!!!

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