This section of the experiment is for those who want to try to get social in a totally different direction. Submit your ideas, artwork, social media concept, for promoting this world wide event. This might take the form of a poster, email, mailer, or any other creative promotional idea. Think big here.

  1. Hi Rabbi Einhorn! I am sending you some jokes from the New York magazine article about the Ashkenazic Longevity Study. Your father says that everyone has seen them but they are very funny as Jewish humor always is.
    1. ” Don’t be sad,” says Finkelstein on his deathbed. ” I’ve had 80 good years.”
    ” But you’re 98!” says his wife.
    ” I know.”
    2. ” Oy,” says Sophie.
    “Oy Vey,” says Esther.
    “Oy veyizmir.” says Sadie
    ” I thought we weren’t going to talk about the children,” says Mildred.
    3. G-d agrees to grant Hyman a wish, with the condition that whatever he asks for,
    his brother-in-law will get double.
    ” Okay,” Hyman says, ” I wish I were half-dead.”
    4. Klein brags to Cohen about his new hearing aid:It’s the best one made-
    I now understand everything!”
    ” What kind is it?” Cohen asks.
    ” 3:15.”
    5. What does a Jew hope people will say about him at his funeral?
    ” Look! He’s moving !”

  2. please read my jokes for your social sermon

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