Rabbi Einhorn

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn is a musmach of the R.I.E.T.S Theological School at Yeshiva University. After earning his Bachelors degree in World History, Rabbi Einhorn went on to earn a Masters in Education from the Azrieli School of Education.

Rabbi Einhorn served as Rabbinic Intern at the Lincoln Square Synagogue. Following that position, Rabbi Einhorn became the Head Rabbi of Kehilat Chovevei Tzion – a vibrant young synagogue in Scarsdale, New York. Rabbi Einhorn was a popular Talmud teacher at the Marsha Stern Talmudic Academy (MTA) for five years.Prior to teaching at MTA, Rabbi Einhorn served as Director of Education for New Jersey NCSY Junior Division.

Among Rabbi Einhorn’s passions is music as he released a wonderful Jewish New Age record, on which he wrote, sang, and played guitar – called KLI, in 2000. In addition, he has also written a book on the interface of the Mind and Soul in Halacha.

Rabbi Einhorn achieved critical acclaim with his dynamic “Simcha Seminar”. The seminar is a multimedia experience that deftly weaves humor, spirituality, and self-help ideals in a 3 part series. Rabbi Einhorn has delivered this seminar in many cities across the country.

Currently, Rabbi Einhorn serves as the Rabbi of the West Side Institutional Synagogue in Manhattan. He is also the Creator and Director of WINGS – a Synagogue Consulting group for the Orthodox Union. Rabbi Einhorn is the current President of COJO (Coalition of Jewish Organizations). Perhaps his source of most pride, though, is his lovely wife Shira and their four beautiful children Yisrael, Estee, Ariella, and Eliyahu.


  1. Rabbi Einhorn,

    I am so glad and overjoyed to watch you continue to build towers of “yiddishkite” in all facets of life!!! it is your love of Hashem, Torah,Family, People, and your desire to ‘always” have the time to listen, that indeed makes you a special person in this world that so desperately needs more like you- so glad you have children- and hope they will continue your legacy. We miss you very much, hugs jacques, audra, eli, ezra, and solomon Ohayon!!!

  2. Rabbi Einhorn,
    Why doesn’t your bio state your most important place of study – OJ? 🙂

    Leibel Lopiansky

    • Hello Rav lopiansky! You are right. I’ll bli neder fix it. How are things by you? Why don’t you submit a dvar Torah?
      Did you see my rabbi buckler website I made:

  3. Hi! I saw your website for R’ Buckler. Keep up the good work. It’s great to read about all your accomplishments. The OJ staff has a lot of nachas…

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