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This here is the mothership. Any good sermon/drasha begins with a idea rooted in the text. Send me your favorite divrei torah or perhaps even an original insight you have into any Jewish source. Send me small ideas, long ideas. These fabulous perspectives weigh heavily on the tone of the speech. I only ask that you don’t send me any random dvar torah that you just found on the internet. I want something that’s had an impact on you or that you believe can have an impact on others. Torah is meant to be shared with the world “להגדיל תורה”.

I can’t wait to see your postings. Feel free to post your dvar torah right on the home page. If you are unsure about something email me at

Submission start date: November 12

Submission end date: TBD

  1. I just heard my Rebbi, Rav Elchanan Adler, Shlita, quote this pithy idea from the Kotzker. The context was a Sichos Mussar. Maybe you have heard it before.

    VShinantem Lvanecha VDibarta Bam….BShivtecha BVasecha UVlechtecha VaDerech,….

    When will you be successful in teaching your kids, in educating them effectively? (VShinantem)

    When you yourself learn. (Bshivtecha) (This is obviously the source for Talmud Torah but the Kotzker is saying from a Mussar perspective) When your kids see you learn Torah, they themselves will be inspired to do so as well. If, however, we encourage our kids to learn but do not learn ourselves, they might sense hypocrisy and neglect their learning.

    Good luck in LA! My in-laws are from there…

    Yaakov Lasson, RIETS.

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